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Cooler Girls Only Skate Session at the HTC One Skatepark Selfridges, London 4/4/14


Over 70 girls came down and skated (none of them sat on the sidelines!) at the HTC One pop-up skatepark in the Old Selfridges Hotel, London, April 2014. Mellow vibes & solid skating prevailed with Camilla Mullins winning an HTC One M8 Phone for her first place in best tricks, Anita got second, Stef Nurding third (both scored Selfridges vouchers) and Dani Gallacher won a pair of Vans in fourth. Savannah Keenan also won some vouchers for sending it and little Hannah (just 7 years old) won a tee and some stickers for all round radness. Shout out to Becky Jacques for the wallride. Filmed by Mark Jackson.

Full story here http://coolerm.ag/TOiMAd

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