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“DIVAS SKATERAS” is an group of girl skaters that live in different parts of Brazil and connect through the Internet. The group was started in 2006 by Estefania Lima, who didn’t have any other girls in her city to skate or talk about skateboarding with.  So, she decided to create this group.

The group grew quick and she decided to make a video with the tricks of her internet friends. She started collect images of the girls in 2007 and made the first video became really with the participation of 13 girls of 7 different states of Brazil.

After the first video, many other girls searched for Estefania on the Internet and asked about another video, because they also wanted to see their tricks in a skatemovie. So, Fania started collect images again and got the help of Lua Marinho, a skater girl who has a very good ability to edit movies. The second video had the participation of more than 60 skatergirls of 12 different brazilian states and approximately 30 minutes of pure female skateboarding. The intention is show girls skating and includes girls of all skill levels.  They hope the video is to incentive for girls to skate and make new friendships.

For more news on the crew visit http://www.divaskateras.blogspot.com/.