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Kenna Gallagher

HOMETOWN: Santa Cruz, California
RESIDE: San Francisco, California

Kenna Gallagher Interview (2005)


Where did you grow up and where do you live now?  


I grew up in Santa Cruz, California and currently live in San Francisco.


How long have you been skating and how did you get started?


Uh...  I guess I've been off and on a skateboard since I was pretty much a fetus, but serious skating started when I was about 15 or so.  


Who or what is the future of skateboarding?


Lets not think about that ok?  It is going to be a terrible time when skateboarding evolves into some cyber motion detected killing game like running man or something.  I don't know, I don't care, I can't keep up with it as it is.


What do you like to do when your not skating?


I like making prints and little books.  I also like cooking, but mostly I want to skate all the time.


What is the perfect day for you?


Wake up and make breakfast, something light.  Play on my computer for about an hour or so and then start making the calls.  Get a friend or a few and go skate all day and have food in the middle somewhere.  Maybe in the evening write a haiku or two for my friends Zine "Kuku for Haiku."


What is one thing most people don't know about you?


I shattered my two front teeth skating the Vans mini. They are caps now and all the money (braces for two years) and time invested in getting rid of my buck teeth went right to the flat-bottom.


If you weren’t a skateboarder what do you think you would be doing?


I'm not a "skateboarder", I just love to skate.  So I suppose I would be doing what I'm doing now.


Where is your favorite place to hang out?


Anywhere with my homies.


What would you say is your biggest vice?


I think I would explode if I didn't have like, amazing friends. I have a couple of friends where, if they were gone, life would pretty much suck.


How was it filming for the Villa Villa Cola video "Getting Nowhere Faster"?  Who's part do you like best?


I had no idea I was filming for it until you wanted my part sent down, so...  I have to say Amy Caron's got, Bar-nun the best street style of us all.  


What do you think about the growth in female skateboarding recently?


I think I'm happy to be a small part of it.


You recently went on a skate trip to Barcelona and Paris; how was that?


I have decided I'm moving to Barcelona.   It may take me a few years, but I'm moving there for sure!! Skating friends randomly there at the same time, skating, MACBA, skating, staying up til 6:30 or 8:00 every morning, waking up at 1pm and getting photos and footy and making a new best friend and being better friends with others.  Paris was awesome too, met a bunch of people, the poseuz-crew gave us the ultimate skate tour of Paris.  Underrated highly for skating. Paris was good, and COLD!!


What are you plans for the future?


Move to LA, skate and work at skating, some contests, mostly dink around and see what that end of California has to offer.


Sponsors and thanks?


Krux, Etnies, Skateworks, Satori, Nikita, Ledge Butta, Creation skateboards(flow) and Team Goat Milk. Thanks to my Mom and Dad, brother and sister, Todd for making me the guinea pig for your filming, all the Strubings including the babies for being my first sponsor, and Lisa and Magda for hooking up the photos and footy.