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Van Nguyen

BIRTHDAY: September 3
HOMETOWN: Cerritos, California
RESIDE: San Francisco, California

Van Nguyen Interview (2004)


How come I don't get to skate with you anymore? Where did you go?


I don't get to skate with you anymore because you work too much and I had to find a new friend to skate with. I went to San Francisco, it pays better, no car payments and the city has Amy Caron. Shout out to the Berkeley lurks, Kea, Sisters of the underground and The Lost Boys.


Why can you skate switch better than you can regular? Remember that one time at Fullerton college you switch flipped the gap before you ollied it! And you landed switch 360 flips before you landed them regular. Are you sure your not really regular footed?


Well, sometimes you get hurt and you have to skate the other way. I think I have more pop switch too. You should see me try to bail switch, its awful to watch.


Amy Caron: Van what is your grumpy time of the day? Why do you enjoy sleeping so much and why do you hit me if I try to wake you up?


I don't like these questions at all. I'm not feeling you guys. Ask me something like "what do you think about seahorses?" Or like, "so have you ever gotten paid for being Asian?" Jesus! So, what about them seahorses? Seahorses are the best. Aren't they the best, Lisa? Go learn about them at www.seahorse.com. You'll be amazed, I promise. If not you can call me and I'll tell you about fighting for money in S.F. The funny thing is you are serious.


If I hadn't known you for as long as I have I would think you were a little koo koo.


Thanks for the compliment. What, we've known each other for a little over a decade now, huh? I'm so glad I'm not in high school anymore, that is something I am grateful for. For any of you high school kids reading this, go learn switch hardflips. Keep yourself busy.


Tell us more about staying busy.


Skating is numero uno, then comes seahorses, third comes the 68 Karmann Ghia, fourth goes out to Tennessee, and fifth goes to all my friends, that includes all of you.


Tennessee? What, your not from Tennessee?


No. Well, take a look around. There's the catch boys and girls, if your smart and clever or either one you'll understand where I'm from. Find something you like to do or somebody to do and don't forget today's lesson.




Learn to take a compliment and/or give a compliment. Thanks for the time Lisa