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I stumbled across the footage I filmed of Éloïse Théorêt on the internet the other day and it reminded me of this day.  "There are so many rocks here I feel like I'm going to..."  Safe!



Élo fresh off the plane.



My friend Quynh is moving to Hawaii, so she is being forced to downsize her belongings. Knowing that I'm a skate nerd she asked if I wanted 2 boxes of girls skate clipings and photos she had gathered over the years. Yes please!



"Wheel Girls" just might be my favorite so far. Now I have a pretty intensive collection, but somehow I missed this gem. Lindsi Thompson, Amy Caron, Ana Paula Negrao and Jessica Krause rocking some awesome gear. I seriously can't stop giggling to myself when I look at this. I'm sure they will all thank me for posting this on the internet for all the world to see.



Even baby Bagel had flick! More to come soon...




Some of you may have noticed I've been lagging on the blog lately.  This is the reason why...



We got ourselves a fixer-upper just before Christmas and have working on it just about every spare second since.



Huey replacing windows.



I'm a plumber now.



Oh yeah, I also do floors (well at least as of this weekend I do).



Mini Ramp coming soon!  

Hopefully we can move in within the next 2 weeks and I can get my life back.  I miss skateboarding!


I ordered a copy of the "As If, And What?" DVD a week or so ago and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival.  Great job Jenna!  Really motivating to see all the new girls from the UK. Order your copy here!

Also in my PO Box was a mystery package from my friends at
Anti-Social containing Issue #1 of a girls skate zine called "Idlewood".  More good stuff!  I will get info on this and post soon.




Lacey was pretty upset that her flight to Tampa Am got cancelled due to bad weather in Texas, so to make up for it she was determined to be productive and film this weekend.



Ray and Lacey put their bodies on the line and came soooo close, but the double set won this weekend.  Rematch?



Blog Cam 12/05/09




Today I met up with Lois and her boyfriend Andy who are visiting from generic Cialis http://hotcanadianpharmacy.com/drugs/Cialis+Generic/ the UK.  We started the day with a quick mini ramp session at Cara-Beth's house before going to check out Bucky Lasek's new backyard pool.



Cara-Beth Burnside, Lois Pendlebury and Mimi Knoop.



Mimi was in the zone and skating the monstrous 14' bowl well despite claiming she couldn't skate the mini ramp a couple hours earlier due to back pain. The backyard bowl is amazing and this photo doesn't do justice.  Check out concretedisciples.com for more photos.



After grabbing a bite to eat Lois, Andy and I skated a tiny little park in Encinitas until the sun went down.




Leticia had spotted a gap in Hollywood she has been wanting to skate online http://rxreviewz.com/ pharmacy for some time.  The run up and landing are in business
parking lots, so we made plans to check it out early before they opened.  I was reminded that I'm REALLY not an early
morning person.



Leticia behind the lens at the next spot.



Ana Paula handling business.



I had seen a photo of this rail and always wanted to check it out.  After a few calls directions were texted to me.  Thanks
Randy!!!  Leticia Bufoni warming up with a boardslide.  I'm sure we will see more of this spot soon.



Another spot check before heading home.




Tickets arrived!



Ana Paula, Lacey, Ray, Leticia and I loaded in the car for the drive to San Diego.



The La Poloma Threater was packed.



Marisa Dal Santo had a full part!



She stepped things up to a new level and got the biggest crowd reaction of the night.  So good!



Elissa Steamer had a shared part and left me wanting to see more, but the footage she did have was good as usual.



The video also featured Garrett Hill, Keegan Sauder, Ben Gilly, Tommy Sandoval, James Brockman, Jamie Thomas,
Sheldon Meleshinski, Dane Burman, John Rattray, Tom Asta, Chris Cole, Jamie Tancowny and more.  Zero has always
made great videos and this one was no exception.



Villa Villa Cola's Andria Lessler and Keegan Sauder.



Elissa Steamer and Leticia Bufoni.



Lacey Baker and Marisa Dal Santo, the star of the evening!




Leticia Bufoni is going to be featured on an upcoming episode of NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly.  Today we met with the
film crew at the Volcom private skatepark where they filmed a few interviews and some skating.



Filming in progress.



Amy came straight from school in a lab coat and all.  Soon if you break a bone you can go to straight to Radiologist Amy
Caron for X-rays.



Please be advised.



Ana Paula's turn in front of the camera.



Amy gave a witty interview as always.



Ana Paula and Volcom Gilrl's Team Manager Ebonee holding the soccer ball that made Leticia having to be silent for 3
minutes pure torture.


This segment is expected to air November 9th.  Tune in!




Last week when we came here I forgot my camera and Cara-Beth wasn't with us.  This week we fixed that and did even
better with Ana Paula behind the lens.



Cara-Beth warming up before doing litter patrol around the park.



Mimi had so much fun she couldn't wait to come back!



We even got Lauren Mollica to dust off her skateboard and join us.



Mimi Knoop and Lauren Mollica enjoying a day at the park.