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Evelien Bouilliart (nice picture face), Morgen Lester, Gaby Ponce and Mimi Knoop hanging out in the athlete lounge between events.



Vanessa Torres talking with her fans.



Went to get lunch and saw Karen Jonz on the front cover of a news paper in stands downtown.



The level of girls vert skating keeps going up!



Gaby Ponce with Gold and Lyn-z Adams Hawkins with Silver.



In the X-Fest arena there were a few GRO girl skate clinics over the weekend.



Donna Vano teaching the next generation.



Zach, Mimi, Leticia, Liza, Karen and Alex.



This year the girls put on a Super Park demo.



Allysha Bergado transferring over the gap.

Video footage coming soon...





Let the games begin...



Alex White, Vanessa Torres and Lacey Baker.



Alexis Sablone.



Abisha Alshebaiki, Lorena Lima and Racine Hopkins.



Leticia Bufoni.



Vanessa Torres.



Never a dull moment.



Alexis Sablone and Marisa Dal Santo.



Ana Paula Negrao and Alex White.



The course.




X-Games Street Practice




Evelien has a tendency to hurt herself right before big contests, so with X-Games and Maloof right around the corner we decided to take it easy.  Lyn-z tweeted about skating in a Tony Hawk demo later that afternoon at Downtown Disney, since we were nearby we stopped by to check it out.



The crowd and Tony Hawk as the Monorail passes by.  This was taken moments before a slam sent him to the hospital.



The show must go on...Lyn-z Adams Hawkins skating for the crowd.



It was so funny to hear the crowd gasp as she spun 540's or any knee slide for that matter.



This is what our $30 dinner looked like.



Hat shopping.



Afterwards we went over to Van's parents house to hang out and swim.



Evelien, Amy and Van.




A few days after I dropped the Australians off at the airport I was back picking up the Belgian.



Unfortunately for Evelien and Morgen I had to work, so no fun adventures today...just busy work to fight jet lag and boredom.



Lunch buddies.



Quick visit to the etnies offices after lunch.



Thanks for the gear etnies!



Amy to the rescue...now the fun begins.



Family diner night.



Followed by a dance party.



This is what you look like when you are really excited to see a movie you've been waiting for.



This is what you look like when jet lag makes you fall asleep in an $11 seat and completely miss the whole movie you were so hyped to see.




After our visit with the Queen of Minkler we made our way to the Element YMCA Skate Camp.  Lacey warming up on the box.



The Aussies were hyped...as usual.



Kat hitting the rainbow rail.



Rhianna getting her canoe on.



Happy Campers!



This was a big accomplishment.



After the sun went down we taught Lacey how to play Monopoly, then watched her win.



Lacey was the Top Hat.



Caution!  If you miss the first step when exiting the RV you may end up with a face full of dirt...just ask Rhianna.



Family portrait on our way home.



A skate trip isn't complete without underwear shopping.  Right Kyle?



Blog Cam 7/13/10




After skating the Santa Clarita park we had a long detour at Super Wal-Mart, a 3 hour drive and a night of entertainment provided by Rhianna's "Jammy-Jams".  So many great blog cam moments that were mysteriously deleted while I was sleeping that night.  Hmmmm...



We got to our motel really late and woke up to these ledges just outside our door.



Breakfast of champions before our visit with the Queen (forgot to take photos!...see blog cam below) and skate camp.


Blog Cam 7/12/10


Time for Element Skate Camp, but not before stopping off at the new Santa Clarita park on our way out of LA.



Lacey gives the park a thumbs up.



Kat, Morgen and Rhianna getting ready to watch Lacey's one woman demo (+ Kyle).


Blog Cam 7/11/10


The Aussies LA skate tour continued this weekend starting off in Long Beach with Amy Caron.



After a quick warm up at Cherry Park Amy took us to another park down the street where Kat got her front rock on.



Amy backside smith.



The girls had been wanting to see the Vans Skatepark, so that was next on our list...after squeezing in a visit to Krispy Kreme where we watched fresh doughnuts being made and ate them straight of the conveyor belt.



Vans Skatepark in Orange, Ca.



Rhianna skating the famous Combi Bowl.



Kat 50-50 down the hubba.



Kat kickflip.



Earlier in Long Beach Rhianna had made a proud 99 cent purchase at a Liquor store, later that night the secret purchase was revealed in all its glory.  Why would a small Liquor store in Long Beach be selling these?  Who buys these things...other than an excitable Aussie?  All I can say is she got her moneys worth, you will be seeing more of the "Jammy-Jams" soon.




I was just going through my computer and stumbled across a 10 min. video I made for "Spectacle: Eleven women from skateboarding present photographs" exhibit in 2003 featuring Amy Caron and Vanessa Torres as youngins.



Ana Paula Negrao was one of the exhibiting photographers.


Work in Progress (2003)


Kat and Rhianna's first trip to Disneyland!  Excitement was taken to a new level.



Mary Poppins is Rhianna's favorite.  Apparently she even punched a boy in elementary school who tried to tell her she wasn't real and couldn't fly.  Weird thing is I've been an annual pass holder for years and never seen her there...but today she greeted us as we entered!



Buzz Lightyear was her second request.



Kat flexing her muscle.






Rhianna had never been on a roller coaster until today, but for some reason I have no roller coaster photos...just sitting on cartoon furniture.



Hanging with Mickey Mouse.



Battling Captain Hook.


Just for you Rhi!