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I flew out to Seattle for the weekend to hang out with friends and film the Skate Like a Girl Wheels of Fortune III contest.  Nancy picked me up from the airport and soon after we got back to her house Kristin returned from a bad sweater Christmas party.  Awesome!

Emo kept me company while I was missing Milo.

Amy was in town too and met us at The Dish for breakfast.

Always a pleasure to see Ashley (a.k.a. Amy's Stunt Double).


It started raining so we headed to Innerspace for a fun session.

Then ended the day with some fresh baked bread.  Yum!  Thanks Nancy!

While at Target the other day I noticed this RazorX Sweet Pea Skateboard that is marketed for young girls.  Now these complete skateboards that are sold at big box stores are pretty bad and actually much harder to ride because of the low quality materials used.  The "just like the pros ride" claim on the packaging is far from true...but it is still encouraging to see that mainstream companies are starting girls skateboarding as marketable.

Anyone looking for an entry level skateboard should consider the hoopla completes that actually roll instead!

Kristina was in town so she stopped by with Lacey for a famous "Huey's Kitchen" dinner.

Lacey drove!  She finally got her license and a car!  Too bad this was the only photo I shot...

The first annual Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic was held November 20, 2010 at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA.

The girls warming up.

Lauren Callahan, Mandy Esch and Ocea Lei.

Justyce Tabor skated well and will be one to watch in the future.

Seven year old Annika Vrklan held her own in the Am division and is always a crowd favorite.

Mimi Knoop And Ana Paula Negrao.

Annie Sullivan and Woozy of www.mahfia.com.

Lacey Baker, Olivia Rohde and Amy Caron came out to support.

Lyn-z Adams Hawkins and Leticia Bufoni.

Congratulations to Lizzie Armanto for winning the Pro Finals and stepping things up another notch.

 Am Division
 Pro Finals

Meet Milo...and the reason why the blog has been lagging the last 6 months or so.

I met up with the Brazilian girls downtown and we drove around doing some spot checking before ending up at one of our new favorite rails.

Jessica Florencio was visiting from Brazil and eager to shoot some photos and video while she was here, unfortunately she rolled her ankle early in the day and couldn't skate the rest of her trip.

Leticia Bufoni.

Blog Cam 9/5/10 - Warm Up Session

Hanging out on the beach before the contest.

Brooke Whipp placed 1st in the Supergirl Am Jam in June, which earned her a spot to compete in the Pro event.

Brazilians Jessica Florencio and Eliana Sosco.

Kat Williams and Rhianna Arnold skated and were interviewed live for an Australian morning show.  Making Mum proud!

Sophie Poppe.

Candy Jacobs.

Maria Falbo was visiting from the UK and stopped by to check out the event.

The always stylish Vanessa Torres.

Alexis Sablone, Rachel Reinhard and Jessica Florencio on the podium.

Jessica's first trip to the US and going home with a medal.  I'm sure we will see more of her in the future.

Click here for video. 


Ana Paula, Rhianna, Kat, Lacey, Jessica and I went to check out the new Stoner Plaza in LA.



This place is amazing!  My photo doesn't do justice, you can see more of the park here.



Leticia spotted a roof gap on the way home.  She got her trick, but not before taking a few slams.  Look for footage soon...




Liza, Eliana and Ana Paula hanging out in the stands.



The course.



Evelien, Alexis and Leticia.



Cara-Beth with the freshly printed "Mover & Shakers RV Tour" poster.  We hit the road tomorrow!



The Australians made last minute flight plans to make it to the contest.  They had been talking to Lacey on the phone all morning "from Seattle" before sneaking in and hiding for a "surprise" complete with a custom Bruce shirt!



Leticia Bufoni, Alexis Sablone and Marisa Dal Santo take the podium and cash.



Kristin Ebeling and Kat Williams.



Ashley Brennan and Amy Caron.



Dane Burman and Marisa Dal Santo.



On the way out of the fair grounds we made a stop at the petting zoo.  Vanessa fell in LOVE with the piglets and had to be forced to leave.




Maloof Blog Cam.