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All Girl Skate Jam at the Vans Warped Tour in Carson, CA.

The girls.

Allysha Bergado rock n' roll.

Annika Vrklan was a crowd favorite.

Olivia Rohde feeble.

Leticia Bufoni lipslide.

Amelia Brodka frontside 5-0.

Rare shot of the "flying bunny" without her ears.

Amelia Brodka and Leticia Bufoni.

Winners circle.

All Girl Skate Jam 2011 - Vans Warped Tour - Carson, CA


All Girl Skate Jam 2011 Results
Ana Paula Negrao Photo Gallery 

Vanessa Torres.

Vanessa Torres frontside boardslide.

Elissa Steamer.

Elissa Steamer 5-0 over roof gap.

Candy Jacobs.

Elianna Sosco 50-50.

Alexis Sablone kickflipping the roof gap.

Marisa Dal Santo 50-50.

Jessica Florencio boardsliding the big rail.

Directly after the contest ended Leticia Bufoni backside smith grinded the big rail 2nd try!  Why didn't you do that during the contest?!?!

Marisa Dal Santo getting swarmed by the media after her win.

Jen O'Brien sighting!

Ana Paula and Ebonee rocking Volcom "We Love Leticia" shirts!

Marisa and her gold!

Alexis Sablone, Leticia Bufoni, Eliana Sosco and Jessica Florencio.

Girls Riders Organization did a series of Am contests accross the country this summer during their gro Experience Tour.  The winner from each stop won a chance to compete in the finals at the last stop in Los Angeles, CA.  Pre-Qualified winners Brianna Berstain of Indiana and Christiana Smith of Michigan.

Christiana Smith flying out.

Amee Jay Papalera 5-0 grinding around the corner.

Holly Lethcoe made it to the finals.

Amee Jay Papalera and Melissa Spillman repping AGSJ.

Young Madi Thomas from Washington.  Watch out for this one!

Samarria Brevard kickflipping the stairs.

Only a street contest was planned, but after the Silly Girl crew showed up a bowl session started. Bryce Weestein dropping in.

Then the session turned into a contest of its own. Melissa Spillman slashing around.

Kara tallying scores.

GSN members Vanessa Bonilla and Kylie Maldonado made it out to support.

Thanks to Courtney and the gro crew for organizing a much need girls Am series!  Hope to see it grow next year!

Click here to view results.

In honor of Go Skateboarding Day, TransWorld Media and MAHFIA.com hosted a Girl’s “Shreducation” Day at the TransWorld Skatepark.  Some of the pros came out to help teach girls who work in the industry how to skate.

Lacey Baker checking out the amazing park.

Klara and friends.

Annika and Kim.

Learning to skate on Go Skateboarding Day!

Cara-Beth Burnside and Mimi Knoop.

Eliana Sosco noseslide.

Leticia Bufoni backside lipslide.

Eliana Sosco, Leticia Bufoni and Jessica Florencio.

Chica Riders's Paloma and Doris.


Ana Paula Negrao was shooting Leticia Bufoni and Lincoln Ueda at the Vans Skatepark early enough one morning  that I was able to stop by on my way to work to film the doubles trick which ended up being used on the cover of CemporcentoSKATE.

Street skateboarder Leticia Bufoni doing a backside smith in the 12' deep Combi Pool?

Behind the scenes look at the photo shoot.

The course is amazing this year with creative obstacles and crazy details like smoke coming out of rusty pipes and fake grass in cement cracks.

Rachel Reinhard warming up with a boardslide.

Mimi Knoop supporting the street girls.

Alternate Samarria Brevard with a 180 over the rail.

Amy Caron stylishly flowing around the course as usual.

Leticia Bufoni with a risky crooked grind across the roof gap.

Lacey Baker is going to have to sit this year out due to a knee injury.

Alterate Eliana Sosco will be taking Lacey's place in the contest.

Watching the action from the shade.

Candy Jacobs testing the rail with a feeble.

Leticia Bufoni thinks she is Spider Woman!

X Games 17 Women's Street Practice.


Watch the X Games Women's Skateboard Street Finals today from 2:30-3:00pm PST live on www.ESPN3.com!

Donna Baker (Lacey's Mom) chose to turn her 50th Birthday Extravaganza into a fundraiser to help some of the girls get to Europe for the World Cup contests. Ana Paula Negrao and Micaela Ramirez also put in a lot of work to make the night a success.  

Gloria Hernandez's band Kings Road.

Jessica Florencio and Eliana Sosco enjoying the music.


Ray, Lacey and Kyle.

The Skate Like a Girl SF crew stopped by our place when their tour came through LA and celebrated Huey's birthday with us.

The next morning I took them to a ditch near the house for a quick session before work.

Erica on the bank to wall.





Milo enjoying his first skate mission.

Blog Cam 6/17/11

Amy came by to hand deliver a copy of her new "Make or Break" zine.

She also brought me one of her Forest Pro Model decks for the wall, since I had skated the one I had.

Wall is starting to look pretty good.  Biggest collection of female pro model decks?

Her the Gallaz team shirt I found in my archives.  

Alex and Sam are having a baby!  

Lacey at the arts & crafts table making a onesie for Henry.

Amy, Alexis and Ashley also getting crafty.

Ashley finishing up the onesie Alex started for her son.

Congratulations Alex & Sam!!!

Still can't believe this woman is a Mom!