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Caroline Dynybil is a 21 year old Czech who lives in Germany and was on the tail end of month long solo trip exploring the West Coast of the United States.  It was her first time to the US and she had no set plans other than to skate as much as she could.  I'm still impressed.

Caroline Dynybil kickflip off wedge.

Vanessa Torres!

Vanessa Torres floaty ollie over the hip

Caroline Dynybil kickflip over the tunnel.

Vanessa Torres lipslide.

Amy Caron!


Due to the dwindling amount of events for the ladies the crew behind Something Great Purple decided they would make something happen themselves and organized a fun Sadie Hawkins themed session at the Channel St. Skatepark in San Pedro, CA. Event organizer Lizie Armanto and Amy Caron having agood time.

Co-oraganizer Allysha Bergado getting pizza supplies ready.  Lizzie and Allysha did a great job getting the event together, only downside was they didn't have time to skate themselves.  Dislike!

Baloons, streamers and good vibes all around. 

Amy Caron backside disaster.

Nichole King carves as a train passes by.

Caroline Dynybil from Czech Republic was in town for the weekend and skated non-stop. 

Amy Caron and Caroline Dynybil.

Julz Lynn Kindstrand shreds anything concrete. 

Vanessa Torres sliding over the bump. 

Caroline Dynybil getting vertical.

Vanessa Torres stylish back smith.


Check out Lizzie Armanto, Nora Vasconcellos and Allysha Bergado's blog at 


When I heard Mimi Knoop got a gig as a "Skater Bride" on a new TV show The Wedding Band I jumped at the chance to document the day.

We got to the studio mid afternoon and had a chance to check out all the sets.  Really interesting stuff and cool to see the behind the scenes.  It is mind blowing how much time, money and people go into making one 30 minute segment!

Mimi getting fitted for her wedding dress.  Some last minute alterations were needed to make it skateable.

Impressive ramp considering it was built for 1 day use by set designers who googled "ramp design" on the internet.

Another one of the sets.

Hair and makeup time.

Almost 10 hours later finally ready to start shooting the skate scene.

The wedding party in full wardrobe.

It was a very long day, but I had a good time and loved getting a chance to see what goes into making a TV show.  Thanks for inviting me Mimi!

Keep an eye out for the show which is set to premiere this summer on TBS.




Vanessa Bonilla and Samarria Brevard at the Santa Clarita park.  This place is amazing, but was a little too windy while we were there. 

Samarria got a couple quick tricks before we got on the road.

Last minute detur to visit Alex White and her new baby.

Meet Henry!

The next morning we finished our drive to San Jose and met up with Jessie Van Roechoudt and Elizabeth Nitu.

Jessie Van Roechoudt.

Elizabeth Nitu is all grown up!

Next we went to check out the Skate It Up girls bowl contest at the Lake Cunningham Skatepark.

The small bowls looked like so much fun!

Patty Fung and Jessie Van Roechoudt.

Patty Fung.

Abby Zsarnay.

I was planning on filming the contest, but after I saw there was a good amount of people documenting it and Evelyn Abad filming as well we decided to take the car load of eager street skaters to a few more spots.

Quick stop to Sunnyvale.

Elizabeth Nitu at one of the spots she was able to navigate us to.

Miss Giggles.

Vanessa Bonilla noseslide.

Trip was way too short, but a lot of fun.

Lacey Baker is studying at The Art Institute of California's Hollywood campus which just happens to be located accross the street from the new North Hollywood Plaza. 

I recently got a new HD camera, but haven't had much time to really mess with it and figure out the settings yet.  Ana Paula and I made plans to meet Lacey at the plaza after she got out of school to test it out.  Once word got out we were meeting up the session grew. 

Lacey was on it and skating good all day! 

Amy Caron nollie over the hip.

Ana Paula Negrao Instgraming (@anapaulanegrao).

Stylish frontside boardslide by Amy Caron.

Vanessa Torres and Amy Caron.

Rare Vanessa sighting.

Another rare sighting...Belgian Sophie Poppe!

Samarria Brevard noseslide over the dirt gap.

Lacey's bluntslide transfer over the hip.

Amy backside kickflip on the wedge.

Please excuse the video quality...still working on it...

The 2nd annual Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic was held November 5th this year and the level of skating keeps going up!

Allysha Bergado.

Young Allysha Bergado has been progressing and took top honors!

Lizzie Armanto.

Lizzie Armantowith a fast and stylish boardslide.

Legend Cara-Beth Burnside showing her support.

Street skater Amy Caron getting ready to skate the combi?

The next generation is ready, you will see much more of Bryce Wettstein in the future.

Silly Girls's Mikayla Sheppard took 1st in the Am division!

Abby Zsarnay & Justyce Tabor.

Amelia Brodka & Nora Vasconcellos.

Girls Riders Organizations's Courtney Payne-Taylor.

Big thanks to Vans for another great event and for the new banner!


Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic Results 2011 

Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic Video Recap

Back in 2005 the Fuel TV show GKA sent me to Australia to film my friends.  I had an amazing time and so many great memories, like my first experience driving on the left side of the road with the steering wheel on the right...and a van full of screaming girls.

Lauren Mollica, Hilary Pearce, Monica Shaw, Lacey Baker, Sophie Poppe, Vanessa Torres, Sally Clark and Lyn-z Adams Hawkins.  Alll the girls were in town for the Globe World Cup contest, so we just loaded up the van afterwards and went filming.

First time meeting Australian ripper Esther Godoy.

Patiane Freitas.

Lyn-z Adams Hawkins.

Firts time meeting young Belgian Sophie Poppe.

Lacey Baker won a Gallaz contest in California which 1st place prize was a trip to Australia to skate in the Globe World Cup contest. Sorry Lacey, had to post it!

Vanessa Torres.

Sophie Poppe, Vanessa Torres, Monica Shaw, Lisa Whitaker, Lauren Mollica and Lacey Baker.

Here is the episode a GKA that aired the tour.

Directly after the Supergirl contest in Venice a few girls jumped in the van for a road trip to Vegas for an All Girl Skate Jam Demo.

The next morning the girls rode in style to the demo.

Business going down at the All Girl Skate Jam booth at the S.L.A.T.E. Tradeshow.

Annika Vrklan.

Allysha Bergado.

Amelia Brodka.

Leticia Bufoni.

Ana Paula Negrao.

The crew!

All Girl Skate Jam Vegas Demo 2011 was made possible with the help from Foam Magazine, Rockstar Bearings and X Games Energy.  Thanks for your support!

Today we had a pretty big group, so we all met up at the Chino Skatepark to start the day.  Everyone had a good time and was able to warm up.

Leticia Bufoni backside tailslide.

Samarria Brevard frontside 5-0.

Eliana Sosco frontside tailslide.

Jessica Florencio kickflip 50-50.

Good times!

Samarria Brevard ollive over the hip.

Jessica Florencio crooked grind.

Jessica Florencio boardsliding the big rail.

Samarria Brevard 180 down the set.

Leticia Bufoni layback slide.

Samarria checking out the next spot.

More good times!

Might have to wait to see this one...

Samarria handled business all day!

Blog Cam 8/6/11