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Amelia Brodka in front of the Long Beach Art Theatre where her documentary "Underexposed" was screened.

The theatre before the crowds arrived.

Olivia, Lacey, Vanessa and Miranda getting settled in for the showing.

AmeeJay, Melissa and Ocea sightings.

70's professional skateboarder Cindy Whitehead leading the post screening Q&A with film producers Amelia Brodka and Brian Lynch.

Lizzie, Allysha, Mimi and Amelia ending the evening.

A few of us headed down south for a mini ramp session at Cara-Beth's house.

Amy Caron rock n' rollin'.

Mimi Knoop hooked us all up with lunch from Bull Taco.

Cara-Beth Burnside smith grind.

Sara Taylor rock n' roll.

Tara Jepsen taking a break between runs.

Amy Caron backside tail.

Van Nguyen learning frontside 5-0's.

Mimi Knoop teaching C.B.'s cat some tricks.

Had a fun time with this crew!

Video footage of the session.

Hayley Gordon also made a great edit of the session mixed with a few shots from the Etnies Skatepark.


I got word that there was only one female camper at the Element YMCA Skate Camp that week and received a last minute invite to bring a few girls up.  After a few phone calls I loaded up the car and headed out.

We only had a day and a half at camp before we had to head back, so we made the most of our short time there.  Samarria Brevard frontside tailslide moments after arrival.

Candy Jacobs from The Netherlands enjoying a nosegrind in the Sequoias.

Chelsea Castro crooked grind in Elementland.

Had a really fun time with this crew.

Samarria Brevard blasting an ollie into the bank wall.

Candy Jacobs feeble.

Samarria Brevard's neck high ollie!

Even got a chance to squeeze in some canoeing.

Blog Cam

This place is amazing and I highly recommend goinging if you ever get a chance.

I met up with Julie Kindstrand at Vans Skatepark to film some new clips.

Powerful 5-0's around the corner.

Julie catching some air.

After we finished filming I packed my bag and was starting to walk out when these two showed up, so I decided to stay a little longer and get a few more shots.

Sarah Thompson warming up with a 50-50.

Brenna Pawley working on rock n' rolls.

Video clips coming soon...

This weekend I meet up with Samarria in Chino to film for a hoopla skateboards video project that is in the works.

Got a quick photo of a warm up ollie before going straight to work filming her line.

Mission accomplished, but not before a few rolls in the dirt.


Lacey Baker and Sophie Poppe checking out the Westchester Plaza on a lazy Sunday.

Lacey backsmith.

Sophie backside 180.

Lacey frontside boardslide.

ophie 5-0.

Lacey nollie backside 180.

Sophie nollie lipslide.

Westchester Plaza.

Post session burritos. Yum!

Blog Cam 5/6/12

Went to check out Sarah Thompson at the OCSL Finals at Vans Skatepark.

Sarah was the only girl competing in the series this year and held her own with the guys.

Fakie rock.

Backside disaster.

Great job Sarah, hope to see more girls skating with you next year!

For mor info on OCSL visit www.ocskateboardingleague.org.

After checking out the All Girl Skate Jam in Fontana I drove out to the Glendora to meet up with some friends.

Amy Caron is an outlaw and wears knit mittens for elbow pads.

Amy Caron transfering over the spine.

Lacey Baker sighting!

Tara Jepsen waiting for her turn in Culver City bowl.

Michelle "Estro Jen" Steilen breaking in her new Moxi Roller Skates.

Tara Jepsen carving the bowl.

Amy Caron frontside boardslide.

Lacey Baker halfcab nose manual.

Been skating with Van Nguyen for over 18 years!

I went to check out the All Girl Skate Jam which was held during the C.A.S.L. Fontana contest last weekend. I always like seeing the upcomers and watching the ams progress.

Sarah Thompson airing out of the deep end.

Ariana Carmona rock n' roll.

Cara Lawson going over the hip.

Ana Paula Negrao documenting.

Sarah Thompson 50-50 grind.

Sarah Thompson fakie rock.

Arianna Carmona frontside out of the deep end.

Cara Lawson up on the extension.

All Girl Skate Jam and C.A.S.L. will be teaming up for more Am Girls Divisions in the very near future around the Southern California area, so watch the events page for more details coming soon.

AGSJ Fontana Results
AGSJ Fontana Photos