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This weekend I flew out to Dallas, Tx with the etnies crew to teach a Girls Get on Board clinic at the
Journey's Backyard BBQ Tour.  Lauren Perkins was a true professional and handled the 7 a.m. live TV
news interview with "Mr. X-treme" while Eric Fletcher and Kyle Leeper did "something showy" in the
background.  After the media was handled we visited a few skate shops, then met up with the etnies RV
at a local park and hosted a  BBQ for the kids.

The next day the main event was swamped with young girls hoping to catch a glimpse of Sheckler. The
was there were tons of young girls for Courtney, Morgen and I to teach, the minus was some were
After the clinics finished up I was sun burnt and exhausted Canadian http://rxleader.com/ pharmacy, but I too was distracted when 
trying to leave.  I went
to the RV to get my board and ended up just watching the crowd in line for
autographs for almost an hour.  So
entertaining to watch all the girls fan themselves and fix their hair as
they got closer to the front of the line.

This weekend Cara-Beth, Mimi, Alex, olivia, Jen and I went to the Pala Skatepark grand opening.  The
park is amazing and had a good variety for everyone to skate.  I spent most of the day filming the girls
messing around and having fun.  We had a good time. 

The skatepark is located on the Pala Indian Reservation which also has a nice Casino & Hotel down the
street where we stayed.  After diner and a few drinks things got a little rowdy on the way back to the
rooms and Amy's face met the carpet.  Ha!  Check on the rug burn on her right cheek! 

The next morning after skating the park again we stopped by to see Cara-Beth's horses before heading



After some last minute cancelations and additions to our crew we drove through the night and arrived in
San Carlos at 7:30 in the morning.  We got a couple hours of sleep and headed straight over to the
Apache Skateblast event.



The contest and demo was held at the local skatepark.



A few of the local girls who came out to skate and cheer on their friends.



Thanks to Leticia's sponsors Foundation, Bones, Osiris and Volcom for hooking it up...the kids
appreciated everything.



Our friend Razelle from Apache Skateboards was there filming as well.



Abisha signing autographs after the demo.



A dirt, charcoal and water war broke out between Leticia and Abisha.



Who won?



Our host Douglas Miles invited us to his Mom's restaurant for some traditional Apache food after the
event.  The fry bread was delicious...thank you!



After everyone ate, a session started on the rail in front of the restaurant.  It was high with a sketchy
cracked cement/dirt landing, but that didn't stop Abisha from handling bussiness in the dark.



After skating one last spot Monique and I were entertained with "Square Pants" impersonations and
other antics that kept me from getting a good nights sleep back at the hotel.



San Carlos Blog Cam Footage