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Rebecca Syracopoulos and Tierra Cobb.

Warm up session at Santa Ana Skatepark.

Marissa Martinez.

Now time to hit the streets.

Marissa Martinez, Lindsay Wallendorf and Tierra Cobb.

Marissa backside 180.

Marissa frontside pop shuv-it.

Marissa kickflip.

Glad she was able to walk away from this stair session!

Fun day with these girls!

Blog Cam #53 - Santa Ana Session

Barbie and Teresa reunite at Chino Skatepark!

Nora Vasconcellos warming up with a backside lipslide.

Brittney Conrad frontside ollie.

Yes, she is always this weird.

Street Nora getting tech.

Nora backside air with some nose grabage.

Brittney Conrad!

Brittney high speed backside 5-0.

Lets do some smith grinds!


Blog Cam #52 - Barbie and Teresa skate Chino Skatepark

Met up with Michelle "Estro Jen" Steilen and Amy Caron at the 605 Ditch.

Vanessa Torres joined as well.

Vanessa getting a feel for the bank to wall.



Moxie's Estro Jen taking it to the streets with ease.

Piece of cake compared to Roller Derby right?

Vanessa Torres!

Fun sesh with this crew.

I got word that Kristina Narayan and Kristin Ebeling were going to be in San Francisco for the weekend, so I made some last minute plans to meet up with them and work on a few things for Meow Skateboards.

I figured since I was driving up I should fill my car with a few more girls to make it more productive and fun.  Luckily Samarria Brevard, Lacey Baker and Tierra Cobb were up for a quick road trip.

We also got a chance to meet up with Erica Harris and a few of the other SF locals.

Kristina Narayan frontside 5-0.

Samarria Brevard was MVP of the trip with tricks like this frontside lipslide off the edge of the barrier.

Since it was Samarria and Tierra's 1st skate trip to SF we had to make a quick stops by 3rd & Army and Wallenburg so they could see a piece of skate history.

Tierra Cobb switch kickflip.

Part of our awesome crew.

Kristina Narayan 50-50.

Lacey Baker 5-0.

Tierra, Kristina & Kristin.

We ended the night with Samarria sticking on a few kickflip attempts down a 10 stair, unfortunately we ran out of daylight and she could no longer see her board flipping so we had to call it a day.  I have a feeling we will be back.

Blog Cam #50 - SF Road Trip Day 1 

Finally got a chance to check out this amazing place!

So fun! ...sorry I was too busy and forgot to take photos and only got these.

Lacey Baker warming up with a backside 5-0.

Vanessa Torres frontside boardslide.

10 Tricks with Vanessa Torres


Alana Smith, Poppy Starr, Sarah Thompson and Jordyn Barratt got together for a final Venice Skatepark session before heading back home after the Girls Combi Pool Classic.

Poppy and Alana doubles.

Poppy Starr and Jordyn Barratt.

Jordyn blasting out of the hip.

Alana Smith.

Alana ollieing into the bowl.

Alana rock to fakie.

The girls had a non stop week of skating preparing for, then skating the Girls Combi Pool Classic the day before. Today was all about hanging out and having fun.

Blog Cam 1/20/13

Stopped by Avacado Heights for a quick roll around.

Lacey Baker backside smith.

Amy Caron frontside smith.

Lacey Baker fence jam.

Blog Cam 1/15/13

I got a weekday off work so I deceided to go out to Rialto and meet up with Samarria Brevard. We filmed at the new Fergusson Skatepark while kids where in school and the place was pretty empty, because most other times it is packed.

Samarria got right to work knocking out tricks quickly!

Frontside lipslide.

Crooked grind.

Another angle.

Ending it off with a feeble. Special thanks to Monique O'Toole for shooting photos while I was filming!

Not bad for one afternoon!

Meet up with this crew the Firestone ditch for a fun little session.

Ashley Rehfield was in town and came to join in on the fun and splash around in the filthy water.

Don't fall!

Tierra Cobb switch backside flipping during her first ditch session.

Ocea Iverson frontside slashing.

Monique O'Tool 5-0 stall.

Rayvionne French mixing it up.

We need to go back and get this one!

Tierra Cobb nollie 180 noseslide and into bank.

Blog Cam

Rayvionne's blog post http://rayvionne.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/girls-roll-deep/.